Les vacances de Nicole et Michelle

Nicole answers the phone : Hey, Michelle ! What about your holidays, honey ?

Nicole : I'm still on holidays, not you ?

Are you kidding, my dear ? At this very moment I'm nude in a paradisiac lagoon...

Nicole : Great. I'm on the terrace of my billionaire friend's villa.
He bought a whole fishermen village, it's sooooooo cool.

Nicole : Guess what ? Poor guys can't afford to live in their houses anymore,
so they live on their little boats ! hahahaha !

Nicole : We throw them some homarus pieces ! Very fun !
And we take champagne baths, we organize orgies with top-models all night long ! Wow !

I see. You know, WE are on a desert island, we eat delicious juicy fruits
and we feel their fresh and colourful juices over our tanned bodies and on our aroused tits...

And you know what ? We have here Brad Pitt lookalikes.
Right know, they're sucking my toes very lasciviously in front of the sunset.

Nicole : Sucking your toes, hum ?

Michelle : Yes my dear. That's correct.

-Nicole : Well. You're actually back, don't you ? Just like me, totally depressed in your lousy office ?

Michelle : Well... Yes. What about a Big Mac together for lunch ?


17 commentaires:

Johanna Nyberg a dit…

Thank you!

Mat a dit…

Super les expressions de Michelle et super drôle la chute. Comme un vieux soufflé, pchit.

camille a dit…

heureuse de retrouver ta bande de dingos ! tu nous diras ce qu'ont fait Rondha et Paulette ?

Livie a dit…

made my day, while I sit here in my office =D

Tiana Couture's Addict a dit…

oHLALA trop mdr! brad pitt me suce les orteils! j'adore :)) un instant j'y croyais la collègue au bout du fil!O_O

Agathe Philbé a dit…

les ongles de Michelle et sont maquillage me font flipper!

Marian a dit…

hilarious! how fab and funny! That bit about Brad pitt sucking her toes was the icing on a very delish cake :)
you are talented!

la flore et la faune a dit…

Johanna, you're welcome

Mat, bravo pour la métaphore

camille, heureux de te retrouver aussi, bien sûr P&R vont adorer raconter leurs vacances bientôt, tu les connais ces vieilles biques

Livie, well, do you want me to send a Brad Pitt lookalike at your office ?

Tiana Couture's Addict, décidément, ce Brad, il peut faire n'importe quoi ça marche toujours

Agathe, flipper dans le sens te foutent les jetons ou dans le sens tu veux les mêmes sinon ta vie ne vaut plus la peine d'être vécute ?

Marian, thanks, I learnt an expression (the icing on a cake). xx aussi.

Nadège a dit…

Super !!!

deep_in_vogue a dit…

Hahah superb, as always! I was thinking the whole time that Nicole was in her office as well! My ficus tree says hi :o)

Nature Grafitti a dit…

haha... so cute! so funny!
... And so clever.


E a dit…

Me too. Me too :-( At least I have my Big Mac to comfort me.

la flore et la faune a dit…

Nadège, merci

div, I knew you were very smart. Why a bear pix for your profile ? And not a ficus tree ?

Nature Graffiti, thank you

E, bon appétit

Damsels a dit…

hah a very cheeky ..
love the orgy with top model part

The Anthology a dit…

Welcome back! Missed you!

Returning from vacation is the most painful thing in the world, isn't it? The real world is nothing compared to the vacation world.

* Kelsey

la flore et la faune a dit…

Damsels, orgies with top models can be interesting indeed

Kelsey, thank you very much, you're right, the vacation world is great

andrea a dit…

dreaming is free....