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- I love sitting in the Ball Chair.
I feel like I was the yellow of an egg, or a pip in an orange.
Or a
spermatozoid in a ball.

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Nadège a dit…

C'est quoi le but, imaginer l'internaute pencher la tête de gauche à droite ce qui lui donnera un air idiot et attirera sur lui la moquerie de ses voisins.

Karen a dit…


il ramaiolo a dit…

Thankyou for visit my blog! I don't speak english, but I can see your beautiful pictures!! compliments, I see you again! Ciao!!

Annie a dit…

I want to sit in one!

la flore et la faune a dit…

Nadège, en cas de torticolis, appeler en urgence la grande Lulu.

Karen, if you say so...

Il ramaiolo, you don't speak english but you read and you write it. not bad.

Annie, you really should. It's a very existantial experience to do.

Peeptoes a dit…

We want to see more! we love your drawings!


la flore et la faune a dit…

Peeptoes,how impatient you are... Don't you like to participate to the Summer Love Contest ?