Marie-Antoinette is on the phone


- Hello, Priska, I'm calling you from the 18th century.
I'm Marie-Antoinette.
I'd like to invite you to a nice little dildo-macarons party.

- What ? Stop your bullshit Jenny...

- Bitch ! How did you recognize me ?!
I'm wearing such a great disguise !
And so expensive ! Shit !


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Karl a dit…


The Photodiarist a dit…

Funny - as usual. On the topic of what one looks like - when will you give us a sense of what you look like? I am sure you don't resemble Paulette!

UnoCosa a dit…

haha! i think the photodiarist is hinting something - like "reveal" ;-)))

i don't really get the humor - but, nevertheless, the illustrations are quirky and whimsical as always!

have a fantastic week, xx

la flore et la faune . com a dit…

Karl, merci de passer par là. J'aime bcp ta perruque poudrée.

The Photodiarist. You're wrong. I'm very close to Paulette, but in a male version (freaky, hum?).

UnoCosa, well, I will reveal one day... Me neither, I don't get my own humor sometimes... have a fantastic week too, dear.

camille a dit…

Karl ... LE Karl ?
bon sinon, encore une qui ne sait pas mentir je vois !

The Red Umbrella a dit…

Nice try Jenny. Maybe it was your perfume that gave you away.

Erica a dit…

lovee all these drawings!


la flore et la faune . com a dit…

Camille, ben j'espère que c'est LE Karl. Karl si tu es là frappe 3 coups.

The Red Umbrella, you're so right. That damn Marie-Antoinette perfume. Yerk.

Erica, thanks, welcome on board, you're on seat G5. A drink ?

Livie a dit…

mon dieu!

they just don't throw dildo macarons parties like they used to.

la flore et la faune . com a dit…

Livie, we modern people have lost the sense of pleasure. ;

E a dit…


la flore et la faune . com a dit…

E, yes... how decadent...