Paulette & Rhonda & The Sartorialist


Hello Rhonda ! Are you surfing on LovelyBoyfriends.com ? Again ?

No at all...

Paulette : So, what's this website ?
Rhonda : Come and see...

The Sartorialist ? What is it ?

He's an amazing guy. I met him in Paris, when I went to Polette Store...

I went there to buy the last Marc Jacobs dildo and I see him !

So handsome and charismatic ! He was signing his book.

Was it a novel ? A recipe book ? A tantric kamasutra ?

No. The guy shoots people in the streets.

And so ?

He's rich and famous.

You and me are already rich. Why not become famous now ?!

My dear Rhonda, find your camera, we gonna become stars.

Me too I want billions of fans screaming my name :

Wriggling and jiggling fans, totally aroused by me,
ready to get nude and to xx-°;://xx (censored)

Are you ready ? I've got my camera.

Go ahead, Rhonda ! Go ! Shoot, darling !

We gonna be the queens of blogs...

... the place to be for all the fashionistas in the world ...

Welcome to The Paulettialist !!!



The Photodiarist m'a décerné le Over The Top award
et maintenant je dois répondre à une interview en 1 mot par réponse.
Alors je vais répondre moi, puis faire répondre Paulette.
Puis passer l'award à d'autres qui seront super contents de se creuser le ciboulot...

The Photodiarist just tagged me with the "Over the Top" award. I have to answer these questions with one word and then hand the award over to others.

Where's your cell phone: ocean

Your hair: yes

Your mother: rebel

Your father: cosmic

Favorite Food: risotto

Dream last night: tits

Favorite drink: wine

What room are you: lounge

Hobby: illustration

Fear: fear

Where were you last night: paris

Something that you aren't: human

Muffins: bof

Wish list item: house

Where did you grow up: books

What are you wearing: clothes

Your pets: Paulette&Rhonda

Friends: rare

Something your'e not wearing: mask

Favorite store: grandépicerie

Favorite color: warmred

Last time you laughed: 12 :10

Your best friend: jean-bernard

Place you go to over and over: reality

Person who emails you regularly: you

Favorite place to eat: table


Where's your cell phone: panties

Your hair: blue

Your mother: old

Your father: older

Favorite Food: caviarketchup

Dream last night: snakes

Favorite drink: parisian coffee

What room are you: bedroom

Hobby: drinks

Fear: water

Where were you last night: bar

Something that you aren't: sweet

Muffins: haha

Wish list item: Diordildo

Where did you grow up: bar

What are you wearing: fauxchanel

Your pets: Rhonda

Friends: Rhonda

Something your'e not wearing: Rhonda

Favorite store: polette

Favorite color: all

Last time you laughed: 1937

Your best friend: Rhonda

Place you go to over and over: bars

Person who emails you regularly: nobody

Favorite place to eat: bars

And now, I give the Over the top award to them. Let's hear you, guys :














36 commentaires:

camille a dit…

ah les chipies ! elles ne s'attaquent pas au plus nul des street stylers, elles n'ont pas peur !
comme Paulette, j'ai hâte d'adopter les cuissardes, je suis en repérage depuis des semaines. Quand je les aurai je pourrai me la péter et peut-être que Rhonda passera par là avec son pola et me shootera pour son Paulettialist !

Joseph Ernest a dit…

Your blog fills me with joy.

Joseph from New Zealand.

WJ a dit…

Hahaha oh that made me laugh so hard, you made my weekend! Marc Jacobs dildo...not too mention your illustrations are just stunning. I must must must visit your blog more often.

Jane a dit…

I loved your interview on Catherine Ashley Talks Fashion. I didn't know that you existed until today.
You have fabulous and very unique pieces.

la flore et la faune a dit…

Camille, tu me dis dès que tu les as, j'envoie Paulette et Rhonda illico !

Joseph Ernest, that's a realluy nice thing to say. Have a nice week-end.

WJ, anytime, you're always welcome.

Jane, thanks and welcome on board.

Marian a dit…

this is so funny! you are brilliant!
I see your name in lights!

Samouraï a dit…

Tout seul chez moi ce samedi soir, je tombe sur ton blog via un autre, gorsse crise de rire. Merci, car vu ce qui m'arrive, c'était pas gagné. J'ai parcouru tout le site depuis le début, c'est incroyable la différence entre les dessins. C'est oit qui les as tous faits ? Ou vous êtes plusieurs ? En tous cas j'aime beaucoup Paulette et Rhonda, et en particulier quand Paulette s'emporte !

The Anthology a dit…

The Paulettialist is my new favourite site. I love it!

Especially love her thigh-high boots. So styling, those two.

* Kelsey

Keith a dit…

Hey there. I really enjoyed your post. I hope you've had a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers!

la flore et la faune a dit…

Marian, my name in lights ? wow. thanks.

Samouraï, oui j'ai tout dessiné depuis le début : c'est vrai, le style change un peu. Sauf pour P&R...

Kelsey, don't be so jealous, you're quite stylish too. ;)

Keith, wish you a nice week too. Best.

Noémie K a dit…

e x c e l l e n t
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sara a dit…

hahaha I love this!
thank you for your lovely comment :)

Becca. a dit…

you're blog is great :)
i adore the illustrations!

The Photodiarist a dit…

Oh -- your blog makes me laugh so much. I need to change my answer to last time laughed to say anytime I read your blog! It is superb. Simply superb.

la flore et la faune a dit…

Noémie K, m e r c i b i e n

Sara, alors d'accord.

Becca, thank you, welcome on board.

The Photodiarist, thanks again for the tag. And that's a great compliment from such an eye like you. Just tell me if you don't understand my english. ;)

Siska a dit…

how cute! ♥


I know not where to begin with how brilliant you are (I am sure by now you tire of my repetitive comments) - you are simply amazing!! One of my favorites, by far (:

I'll be posting the answers soon, so thank you for tagging me!

bisous, xx

Gentil bulot a dit…

Paulette, elle m'excite grave.

Rosa's Yummy Yums a dit…

Very funny! Loved it!



mara a dit…

hey. i'm only sometimes modelling. for fashiondesigners of my school. but its fun.
your comic is also fun!!really fabulous!

camille a dit…

et voilà !

la flore et la faune a dit…

Siska, thank you very much.

La C. don't worry, I'm never tired with your comments. Never ;)

Gentil bulot, à mon avis, vu ton pseudo c'est réciproque.

Rosa, thanks for your kind comment. Cheers aussi.

mara, I guess it's fun. Wish you gret catwalks.

Camille, merci. A présent tout le monde sait que tu ne portes pas de chaussettes.

Iva Messy a dit…

so fabulous! what a great post! Congratulations on your award!

Annie Spandex a dit…

Hilarious!!! Thanks so much for the tag :* :* :*

La Chauve-Souris a dit…

je suis sur qu'un blog sur des vieilles mamies stylées ferait sensation! Un Tavi version senior! bientôt en couverture de Pop

la flore et la faune a dit…

Iva, thank you, I have to wear my tux again.

Annie, great to hear you : you turned black & white ?

La Chauve-Souris : Paulette a toujours d'excellentes idées. Enfin presque.

houhou a dit…

I want chocolat too!

Unknown a dit…

hahaha this is hilarious...i love it.

at work and the cubicle next to me just gave me an odd look because i was laughing;)

E a dit…

A house is on my wish list, aussi. I think Paulettialist is going to be BIG!

la flore et la faune a dit…

houhou, la Grande Lulusion m'a dit qu'on s'était ratés de peu, j'espère qu'elle t'aura fait goûter un de ses carrés ? Celui au gingembre n'est pas mal. wow.

Marisa, be careful he's jealous.

E, hope so ! And soon a signing in washington perhaps ? Sent you the OTT award too.

greta g a dit…

Charmante, la "pomme" sur le mac de Rhonda...

la flore et la faune a dit…

Avec P&R, c'est toujours frais et chic. Toujours.

The Anthology a dit…

Thanks for passing along the award! I wrote a limerick just for you:

There once was an illustrator from France
Who I bet wears really nice pants
Gave the Anthology an award
And proclaimed “Oh my word”
So I just wanted to say “thanks”

la flore et la faune a dit…

Well, I'm really moved, thanks. And you know I wear nice pants since the Sorbonne time, I guess ;)

Isabel a dit…

Haha, this has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a blog!

la flore et la faune a dit…

Well, that's sweet, honey. Thanks. See you anytime here.