I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't bring men in my studio.
I'm very meticulous.

Sorry, you're out. Next !

Everybody fire me because I'm hyper-nympho.

You're hired !

I'll be very clear. I will clean your house BUT
each time you're out I'll rob you.
I'll steal your jewels, your clothes, your money,
because I think it's normal to snatch an old bitch like you.

You're in !

I know all intimate secrets about stars.

Hired !

I know how to carry a tray with a dancing butt.

I have 4 brothers.
They're handsome like gods and they got huge dicks.

I have to take this degrading job to pay my philosophy lessons.
So I won't do the cleaning. I'll enjoy your 700 m2 house to
read, to think and to write.

You're hired too !

-Well, finally it's very easy to find great cleaning ladies !


***** EDIT *****

You can see
a video of me drawing Paulette
on fantastic Camille's blog


or on


sur le blog de Camille,
retrouvez mon portrait de l'artiste
en vieille branche et découvrez
tous mes secrets de beauté par les plantes.
Merci Camille pour ces 2h avec moi
et très cool les 5 bouteilles de champagne en 2h,
t'as vraiment la méthode pour détendre tes interviewés.


Paulette. Smoke on the champagne

-- So you see it was very cool...
- I can imagine !

- But what's this awful smell ?

- You're right, that's the terrible smell of a cigarette !
(Smoking is forbidden in french restaurants)

- Garçon !

- Yes sir ?

- Tell this old bat there she has to stop smoking !

- Please, dear lady, could you...

- Take that. And bring me a coffee, honey.

- What the hell ! She's still smoking this bitchy witch !?

- Just shut up you scumbag or I call the security to throw you away like an shit.
So you eat your caviar and you close your mouth. -



Paulette est allée à l'expo de Charlotte Gastaut


I went to Charlotte's exhibition : it was great !!!
I saw a woman touching herself in a tree !!!

Another masturbating surrounded by lovelybirds !!!

And another playing with herself in a hidden way !!!

And a girl totally aroused in the waves...

Is was SO hot ! And all this champagne !

At the end of the varnishing everybody undressed
and frenckkissed each other...

Si vous aussi vous voulez voir cette galerie de filles, mais aussi des baleines, des hibous d'or, des éléphants, des châteaux en coupe, des brigands... vous avez jusqu'au 26 juin. Bon, en vrai les œuvres de Charlotte Gastaut ont quelque chose de plus... subtil. De mirifiques peintures, de superbes dessins, un monde de finesse et d'humour poétique.

That's how we celebrate art in Paris ! Actually, you can discover and buy exquisite drawings and paintings by the artist Charlotte Gastaut if you're in Paris till june the 26th.